Don't feel disturbed that a person like me is writing about 'a favorable character'. I know myself than anybody else does. I am really a man of difficult access. Many people have said that it was too difficult to get along with. I didn't understand why before, but now I recognize what's wrong with me. The book called "Law of Attraction" (Frank Nauman) has taught me a lot about how important it is to be attractive to others, what determines one's attractiveness and how to become attractive. I'm going to introduce this book to you my beloved PECian, and I hope this book will do great job on your personal connection managing. 

 Do you know, in what second does people recognize whether a person have favorable impression or not? It takes average less than a second, 0.1sec. Mostly the first impression plays important role in developing relationship with other people, and furthermore it makes you have troubles with networking. So not only doing your best on developing  your skills, ability, and knowledge, but also you have to strive to look good to others. There are plenty of things to work on. Facial expression, good tone of  voice, correct posture, good eloquence, good sense of style, and leadership are suggested in the book, and these all can be acquired with your endeavor.

However there is one thing that can change you fundamentally. Once you achieve this, the favorable characteristics introduced above are bound to be followed by. Also in reverse, when you are accustomed to new habits, you can get 'this'.  Either way you choose, you will eventually become a attractive person. Then what on earth is 'this'?  Loving Yourself is the answer.

The side effect derived by not loving yourself is far-reaching. You may always have negative attitude to everything that makes your facial expression so gloomy or it makes you speak in a way other people don't favor.You will also suffer from inferiority complex which can makes you don't satisfy with anything you do. You are confident of nothing, so your posture look somewhat slouch. This inferiority is somewhat helpful in terms of that it motivate one's ability or skills in order to receive credit for it, but the problem is that the person never feel happy about it, because he/she is not satisfied.

Personally says, I have been dominated by sense of inferiority, and I rarely felt happiness, sometimes even exacerbated by others' cheerful mood. When you go too further with this negative mood, you can easily be trapped in vicious cycle. I tired to practice and foster habits of positive attitude. Surprisingly. I could eyewitness the changes myself in a way I control the feeling. The book says it is proven solutions for those who are having difficulties cultivating self-respect.

People prefer to be infected by happy people. Since both happiness and depression are contagious, these mood transmit among people easily. Then people bound to avoid depressed people and get closer to the happy. And this is what we call 'likability' or attractiveness.

Now we know the principle of likability. The only thing left is to try out.
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